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1596 Hatfield Ave, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
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 The ATBE 4WD Association for recreation & Expedition (AWARE 4WD) (Society) are working towards being a Provincial umbrella organization comprised of 4×4 clubs and individual members. Our mandate is to represent the interests of the 4×4 enthusiasts & community to ensure the long-term sustainability of 4 wheel drive recreation. We work to achieve this through user education, advocacy work and cooperative trail management and maintenance programs.

 What we do for you…

 Tirelessly working to protect your right to access Crown Lands under the Free Use policy of the Public Lands Act and maintain the inventory of the 4×4/multi-use trails.


 Achieved through direct representation to the BC Government.

  • Participate through membership of trail and land use advisory committees.

  • As a recognized public land use stakeholder we actively participate in trails and land use consultations..

  • Building cooperative relationships with other trails and land access groups for mutual benefit.

Trail Management and Maintenance Programs:

 An increasingly important area of activity for us is in the area of trail maintenance and user management.

  •  We have ongoing trail maintenance programs running with other trail organizations (including 4WDABC and member clubs. Association and others)

  •  Trail and community lands area cleanups have been a mainstay activity of our organization.

Promote Safe and Responsible 4WD:

 Promote 4×4 recreation as a safe and rewarding recreational experience for everyone (Families, youth, people with accessibility challenges etc.)

  • 4×4 has the best safety record of motorized trail users!

  • 4×4 is a social trail experience that can be shared with your passengers of all ages.

  • Is greatly enjoyed by many and becomes a big part of their lives.


 Environmental concerns are very important. Members are regularly reminded of their need to consider trail conditions and driving practices to minimize their impact on the environment.

  • The trails are invariably shared use, and trail Etiquette is an important consideration to ensure we all have the opportunity to enjoy our trail experiences.

  • Education on planning, equipping a vehicle and driving techniques are important to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • We have found the best way to educate is through sponsoring educational Events such as The Coalmont Invasion it gives us a unique opportunity to have a captive audience to educate up and coming 4x4 enthusiasts as well as refresh long time 4x4 enthusiasts alike

How We Operate…

 AWARE is driven solely by volunteers. The board of directors, executive team and contributing membership volunteer thousands of hours a year to ensure our recreational sport of 4WD has a bright future.

Let’s make a difference together. Join the AWAR and progress the sport we all passionately enjoy.