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This is for the Apex 4x4 Jamboree

Good Morning Anne,


 My Name is Brent Boychuk, I’m part of After The Blacktop Ends Off-Road Community. I received an email from Bryan Irons editor of 4WDrive Magazine that is working closely with me on a Offroad Event in Southern interior British Columbia area called Apex 4x4 Jamboree it will be held Aug 4th to 7th 2017 at Apex Mountain Resort . To give you a quick overview of the Event, We use to have the Canadian Jeep Jamboree at this very same Venue Apex mountain resort. Our Event is going to follow that type of an event but with a bit of a twist, it is going to be a Offroad 4x4 event with a lot of the same trail runs as we used in the Jeep Jamboree. We are planning is to have more than trail runs we will also add a trade show where vendors can come to show their new exciting products for Offroad vehicles.


 We will have training seminars for the novice and any others that want to attend, such as winch training and advanced winch training and recovery etc.. We are including educational seminars and demonstrations as well.   I will include a couple of links to some of our event files that you can read to get a better picture of what the event will entail. We are looking for sponsors to help with financial support, prizes, giveaways and promotional material to give to our participants  to show industry and individual  company support. Keep in mind this event is going to be an annual event and we are going to promote  this to other communities throughout Canada and the western United States.


Our Media target is North America wide not just local communities. The Trade show at the event will be open to the public to give more exposure to the companies that opt-in for the trade show. We are excited to invite Warn Winch to become a part of this huge event. Our goal is to make it exciting and memorable for everyone for years to come. With help from companies such as Warn Winch

there is great potential for the Apex 4x4 Jamboree Event to be a success for those who become a part of this event.


Here is some links to files that are too big for email:


Apex 4X4 Jamboree sponsorship Proposal: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ittwbtckq7pgl4j/ATBE%20Sponsorship-Event-Proposal-PDF-.pdf?dl=0


Apex 4x4 Jamboree: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gi2zeggbz7684en/2017%20Apex%204x4%20Jamboreepdf.pdf?dl=0


Apex 4x4 poster that your company logo can and will be on as a sponsor that will be distributed to over 500 locations as well as on media and our website




I’m also pleased to invite you to our website: https://www.aftertheblacktopends.com


We are excited to have warn winch as part of Apex 4x4 Jamboree

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This is for the Apex 4x4 Jamboree