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Well's Lake Maintanence

  • good on you guys thank you for your help with this project. it is great that we can count on people that care enough to get involved 

      September 12, 2016 5:14 PM PDT
  • Our partners BC Toyota 4WD group had went out to install a outhouse this past weekend along with Finbar from our club that graciously offered to help out. They started from Tulameen BC through Coalmont then wheeled the whipsaw up to the Well's Lake rec-site according to them they had a great time of wheeling and installing the outhouse. Thank you for all the hard work guys this is fantastic that we can be partners in this project with the whipsaw trail and Forestry rec-sites. Here is some pictures that I have copied from what has been posted on BC Toyota 4WD



    They had to clean the hole out since people used it as a dump very disappointing to see what people will do in our backwoods thank you to all that took the time out to clean that out


    once cleaned out the work of building the outhouse started. but first looks like there was a safety meeting needed :)


    Things are starting to shape up


    We needed a test run lol


    A few more ajustments and there done.


    There we have a outhouse at Well's Lake Rec-site please use it for what it is intended for it is not fire wood nor a dump it is to make your stay at Well's Lake more enjoyable.

    Thank you to all that attended this project great work and please add to this post would like to hear what you guys have to add

      September 12, 2016 8:36 AM PDT