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Apex 4x4 Jamboree Documents

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Welcome to the ATBE Events Document page this page contains all the documents you will need to proceed with your enrolment of the



Apex 4x4 Jamboree



These are viewable and downloadable files



Apex 4x4 Jamboree


Apex Jam Itinarary


Apex 4x4 lodging

Atbe 2017 Waiver

Apex Event Fees



Trail Run Descriptions


ATBE & Apex Mountain Presents these trails for the trail run portion of the Apex 4x4 event these Trails are rated with our number system. Please add 1or 2 to any trail if it has been raining. The higher numbered difficult trails are very hard if it has been raining. Please read and choose what trails you want to be a part of for the event



Lisa's Loop


4x4 101






Green Dragon

Black Powder




Tommy Gun