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    Our basic system gives you a 1/4 “ ID hose with 4-valve stem chucks a manifold with one fitting of your choice to fill. Our deluxe system is whatever size hose you order 4- valve stem chucks a manifold with air gage your choice of fittings. Hose kink protection at each stress point. Your choice of valve stem chucks all built with premium non-freeze hose. As well as a water resistant soft carrying, case. We also build custom commercial systems for details and pricing contact us at: All our Quad-Air systems are built in house with the care and attention you would expect from custom hand crafted products with the best workmanship. In addition to all that, all our Quad-Air systems can be totally rebuilt on the trail. Our system allows you to take it apart cut the damage out and reuses the same fittings. That means you are never stuck. All Quad-Air systems you can use them to air-up As well as air-down no more losing your air valve by removing the valve stem, you can air-down all four tires at the same time. The Quad-Air system also equalizes the pressure in all the tires so you are never running with less/more air at any given time this makes your rigs drivetrain run with less strain to diffs and lockers. This system is built on the basses of convenience and ease of use. This product is not built on how fast you can air up or air down. All products have been tested to their maximum capacity. These air products are guaranteed to work for what they are intended to do inflation and deflation of tires only. If you have any questions about the quad air please direct your questions to we will be more than happy to answer any questions

    • Willys45
      Willys45 I could not wait for the weekend I had to try it out as soon as I got home. I was going to post a video but to my surprise when I looked at the video it was facing the ground. I will give my review without video. Right out of the box, I was amazed at the...  more
      February 5, 2016
    • JD
      JD Sorry I have not replied sooner I received my Quad-Air a week or so ago I have just been to busy to try it out. I used it to day I must say what a great find I'm very pleased in how it works. Thank you for coming up with this excellent product. I will...  more
      February 20, 2016
    • Bteck
      Bteck your very welcome JD I'm glad you like the Quad-Air thank you for the link I have seen these dual air systems go for as high as 700.00 I cant believe they sell them at that price.
      February 20, 2016
    • 97TJ
      97TJ I've been using my Quad-Air for a little over a year, it's the best! So much easier to deflate and have consistent air pressure in all 4 tires for off road, then inflate all 4 tires much faster than one at a time and still have all 4 tire at the same...  more
      November 23, 2018 - 1 likes this